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Tuesday, 24 December 2013

LIBERATOR FPS2 - Xmas Day Chapters - 58,000 words running total

while the book is still at 50,000 words, there are two chapters that have been 'introduced' into the narrative and given their 'chaptorial' place withing the 40-chapter index but are stubbornly resisting being written.

It's a 'me' thing, I've just been ... reluctant to lay the brickwork, point the gaps.

Both chapters deal with The Mighty Quins: the eponymous chapter is a 'four years ago' chapter showing how the quins became involved in the LIBERATOR narrative, the other chapter Safari (which comes directly before it) shows how these children are hunted down for their usefulness by the Black Pentagon leading towards the latter part of the book.

New titles, headings and positions for you, eh? Excited?

DECEMBER 25th AFTERNOON UPDATE: hmm, well, that didn't go 'exactly' as I 'might have planned' but the two missing chapters (mentioned above) have been written over the course of a single play through of Riuchi Sakamoto's THREE. I'm wondering if I can even write LIBERATOR without having his music playing in the background. It's like some sort of intellectuo-narrative free-forming talisman that my flying fingers can't do without. This book.

Running total: currently 54,000 words. And I don't feel I'm any closer to 'really' understanding how LIBERATOR got here or where it might go during its pre-amble towards the final chapter(s) which have already been written out. So many loose ends right now, and I'm not convinced it's worth being too tidy about how many of them are tied off. A little blood is a good thing in an action adventure, right? Except this shit is 'narrative blood' and that might erk the reader ... like I care.

DECEMBER 29th UPDATE: and having crashed headlong into a bit of a dead end, I popped out the other side within Cloud City. A crackin' scene, lots of revelations. Lots of tied off ends. Lots of new narrative to explore. 58,000 words is the current running total. 10,000 or so to go, I guess. Where to start REAPER FPS3. Who knows?

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Liberator FP2 novel - 50,000 words - subtle restructuring, new chapters, motoring along...

technically, I'm 45,000 words in.

A couple of the later chapters are still to type in from notebook, but I'm confident they'll amount to about 2,000 words per chapter.

I've gone back in and ADDED two earlier chapters #2 and #3 so that the whole Free Planet world (four years after Custodian) is fully fleshed out, so that the reader has no misconceptions that this really is a TOTALLY DIFFERENT world to the one the Corporations nearly ruined.

Kinda really enjoying this book still; as you can see from the racing word count, it's becoming quite an obsession.

TEN DAYS LATER UPDATE: this morning, I added another two chapters, slotted them into positions 3 and 4 in the 40-chapter index. Just to add another layer of understanding (for me as much as) for the reader. This way we both get to understand what's gone on, what's about to happen, and why I'll stab that back of both of us with LIBERATOR FPS book #2 revelations. The book's anywhere near 50,000 words or so (I haven't been keeping track over the last few hours), or it will be once I fold in that 'still not typed in' stuff. I have the notebooks open in front of me for the 'afternoon sessions'.

EVENING UPDATE: yeah, final tally came to one hundred and twenty words under 50,000 at the end of today's manic session. There are still a couple chapters that need content, so it's technically over that Magic 50 already. Just gotta type in the rest.

I'm really at my most Hertzan Chimera-like this novel, my most Loki-like, of dirty old bastardness. And lovin' the gruesome trip, man.

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Liberator FP2 - 17,000 words and counting...

well, it's still racing on aplenty.

Since my last update (four days ago @ 11,000 words) the book has now risen to 17,500 words, as of this afternoon. If you're in (Oxford) town centre and you wanna say "Hi!" in a faux-American accent, just drop by the Calendar Club stall in the Clarendon Centre and do so. I'm very approachable and don't bite, unless otherwise directed.

As of this week's narrative/character investigation, I realise that the cover (while relating to 'organic metamorphosis of the narrative' via its characters) actually relates to another uber-important inter-stellar twin-like union expressed elsewhere in the story.

Anyway, intrigued yet? Time for an exclusive (first draft) excerpt yet?

Hmm, here goes:

It'll be my fourth birthday, soon. Me and Sally and this Free Planet. We're all three of us intimately linked by the moment of our births. We're a trio of rowdy teenagers not knowing what to be yet. How to act. Who to look up to. To respect. To protect. It's all up in the air.

And four years isn't very long to cram in all the social accidents that amount to one's upbringing. Here on Free Planet we've always had to 'learn on the fly'.

I can't believe it's all gone so fast. One minute me and Sal, that's my non-identical twin sister, were hatching out of a massive owl egg. The next moment Puberty is upon us both and the whole world looks, smells, tastes, feels different. The wants of youth got biologically re-prioritised in the blink of an eye and our dad's considering, actually Considering, enrolling me and Sal in the Arranged Marriage Market so we can have wives/husbands chosen for us by the Free Planet housing system. That's the way it's done now, it's all left to the sniffing abilities of the communal Floating Home Diversities that flutter and flap and sing like bees across the liberated sky like protein floating in the human eye.

Most of my peers, and there aren't that many of us, aren't sure if they want to be part of some continued biological experiment 'for the good of free planet'.

“Isn't that right, Sal?”

“Not many of us, Tim.”

“You said it, girl,” there's not that many of us hybrid originals, born of this free planet. Like someone thought it would be a bad idea to have a go at making more of us once we hatched. I mean, it's not even that. Don't they know? Haven't they even at least got suspicious that their kind can interbreed? The re-wilded? Can't they scent it? Don't they have some sort of animalistic detectors up their snouts and beaks that'll make this truth transparent to them?

Or are they afraid of committing a bestial act under the gaze of the Flockers? Is that how 'mating among their kind' might be judged? Like bestiality? Like some sort of original sin?

Friday, 8 November 2013

Liberator - I think I'm just going to have to 'write the fucking thing'

I have all these wild and wacky ideas for where Free Planet #2: LIBERATOR 'could go' and I'm just getting nowhere with it. It's a stalled project that's looking too far up its own righteous anus to be anything worth reading or writing.

I think I either a) have to forget it and just write something else entirely different or b) just forget all this 'scripting shit' and take the fucking bull by the horns and JUST DO IT, and screw your gay trademark claim against my use of three words. Just screw it.

There's no other way to face what will be an insanely obscure lifestyle, four years after the Free Planet simulation has been set in motion by the Morans That Be. Only the stream-of-unconsciousness totally-liberated-writing-mind approach will work with this book.

Literally, there'll be nothing like it ... until it happens ... so why worry about 'getting it right' or making it 'enjoyable for the reader'. It's gonna have kinks. It's gonna have issues. Hell, the whole planet's gonna be a real-life 'learning experience' so why shouldn't the book about it also be?

So, just write the fucking thing and publish it became the simple answer. It's not that hard. It's just words making sentences making scenes making chapters wrapped round characters on missions. I'll leave all the ruptured artery suturing for Free Planet #3: Reaper.

DAY LATER UPDATE: well, it worked. I have the first real chapter in the first real writing of the first real draft of the first real....  where was I? Oh, yes, the JUST WRITE IT ethos panned out. Exculpatory gold. And by that I mean, once I'd decided to TOTALLY GIVE MYSELF TO THE WRITING OF LIBERATOR the words came flooding out. Fourteen hundred words of it, today.

I don't need no stinking script. I just need to allow the old Hertzan Chimera writing machine to take the bull by the fucking horns and get on with it. I already had a list of characters to write about, and that's been listed out now, twelve characters. Job's basically writing itself.

ANOTHER DAY LATER UPDATE: man, this is easy as fuck. I knew it would be. Once I'd made the decision to just write the effin' thing. Ah, what a delight, what a joy, what a release. I'm back, I tells ya, Hertzie's back. And with a vengeance.

So, opening chapter's the military Free Planet sim goes live chapter that's at the end of the Custodian novel FP1. Second chapter's an insight into the Floating Homes that are made from twelve rutting party goers halfway through book one. Third chapters a reet good rough-up in the form of the Borstal Boys or Flockers..


..the literally fascist free planet police statesmen who can do whatever the fcuk they want to ANYONE WHO GETS THE WRONG IDEA or thinks about taking the piss out of the Free Planet non-profit ideal of Creativity, Passion and Kinship. Anyone dares do owt, they gets their arse raped right proper. I've been stuck on narrative/plotholeriddling island for the last few months thinking too hard about where this middle book might go. Stuck on 6,000 words or so. I know where book three's going, so no worries. Now I'm on 9,500 words and I'm back in the writing seat, where I always have the most fun. Hacking away at the sweating coal face.

Chapter four's for tomorrow, in the notebook, long hand ... I'm not which, of the twelve chapter/characters I've decided to concentrate on for FP2: Liberator, it'll be yet. But I'll know when I start writing it. I'll probably get a message on the way in to work. A transitionary book of insights. Insights. Nowt wrong wi that for the second book of a planned trilogy, eh?

13TH NOV UPDATE: currently at 11,500 words and still going... I rewrote an entire chapter yesterday (about one of the young survivors of the Custodian novel) that's less concerned with 'narrative' and more concerned with 'character'. And it's working. There'll be another chapter today, possibly the dad, the role taken by you-second-person in Custodian. Either him or Timi, we all remember Timi the re-wilded dinosaur-dog, don't we?

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Liberator - free planet #2 - back on track

after a brief (two months) distraction with the TANDEM (war world) novel project, I've picked up the reins of the LIBERATOR (free planet #2) novel and started to 'really see' where such a Natural Lottery-derived world might take humanity. Again, like Custodian, it's a split narrative novel. Where that was shared between You The People and The Custodians, this time out it'll be the conflicting viewpoints of We The People and The Monsters from Hell.

Four years since the events of Custodian (free planet #1) novel, the world is a radically different place and the quest for 'freedom' is blazing along apace. I'm currently 6,500 words into the doc version and I'm not sure whether I should invest in another mega-notebook, a-la-Tandem writing month, while I'm based in Oxford's Clarendon Centre helping out a friend with a spot of retail work for the saison de Noel and get the guts of this thing spooling nicely in my down time.

It'll not be a pretty hippy kumbaya novel -- oh, no sir no -- of that you can be assured.

The EMPIRE STRIKES BACK analogy might be worth wheeling out at this point. What mankind thought was his victory or his 'right to freedom' or his 'free planet' might not have been exactly how this particular war was lost or won. There might be a more sinister Corporate War narrative afoot that neither You The People nor The Custodians were party to. Something the other two parties might have to learn of the hard way, as turmoil starts to set in and Free Planet begins to rot from the feet up.

The CORPORATE WAR OFFICE might yet get its revenge...

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Custodian¹ going through FINAL EDIT stage, Liberator² is being worked on.

yes, there's a blatant MICC angle
I've never been the most patient of writers, so (while Free Planet¹ "Custodian" is still being final-edited in the USA) I've decided to get back into the writing of Free Planet² "Liberator" right away.

There's no more time to waste pondering ideas, structure and resolution of this second book of three (as the current plan stands).

In fact, I already have two pages of bullet-pointed notes and am a few thousand words in having already mostly fast-drafted the first three chapters. Liberator takes place four years after the anti-corporate Natural Lottery events of Custodian. There are only a few survivors from  the original narrative, but certain intimate historical dependencies are explored in fatalistic detail.

In fact, I've decided to add the opening chapter from Liberator² at the end of Custodian¹ and I've had new thoughts on structure. Where Custodian was an alternating split narrative between You The People and The Custodian Liberation, Liberator's mostly-split-narrative structure will have an 'infrequent visitor' in the form of a 'third narrative stream'.

There'll be WE THE PEOPLE because now it's even more communal. There'll be MONSTERS FROM HELL because there are always prejudices and conspiracies. And there'll be a special feature section that opens the book and returns every now and then through the bulk of the novel to chart what really happened during Custodian, and it's nothing like you'd expect. It's sinister and will still haunt the narrative of Liberator, FOUR YEARS EARLIER.

Get ready, this brutal bastard'll sting.

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Free Planet² LIBERATOR

liberator final cover
free planet² LIBERATOR will be a proper horroshow, self-sufficiency, creativity, passion and kinship self-destruct rollercoaster nightmare brainf*ck survivor vs conspiracy slaughterfest.

All driven by a PARALLEL PROJECT involving the MI(C)C or Military Industrial (Congressional) Complex  that was 'beaten to the finish line' by events in book one, Custodian. We see how the events at the back end of Custodian dove-tail with the events in Liberator.

It's really nowhere near where you thought this series might have gone. Think dark global covert underbelly. Though the news that Roland Emmerich is working on a sequel to Independence Day that involves parallel history and back-engineering of alien tech threatens to scupper my so-called originality if I don't get this book out rapido!

The really annoying thing about book two's Custodian-paralleling narrative is I'm getting more and more 'messages from the ether' about the content of book 3: REAPER which is potentially gonna blow the whole Free Planet message out of the ether into another dimension entirely. The idea for this series being that, at some point in the future, all three books will be reunited in a nice fat single volume of the full Free Planet story.

LIBERATOR due in 2014.

Sunday, 4 March 2012

FREE PLANET novel - new blog to chart the course of this book

I've gone through a couple of iterations with the Free Planet novel, in terms of concept and content.

Now, half way (that's 40,000 words or so with a lot more plot notes than I tend to aggregate) through the first draft, this blog will chart all further updates so as not to get in the way of normal blog activity on the FREE PLANET blog.