Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Free Planet novel - CUSTODIAN - Goodreads hosting Exclusive First Chapter

just as it says on the tin, Goodreads is hosting the Exclusive First Chapter of my new novel Free Planet novel CUSTODIAN on their site.

Here's a teaser moment...

Promptly, she begins her prepared monologue, “I had a dream last night. It was a dream about our little house in the countryside. A cottage with a thatched roof and heavy oak doors. Beams in the lounge, the kitchen and the bedrooms. It was snowing outside. All the foxes and deer brought their families to our house to avoid THE CULL. You could hear the hunt dogs barking in the distance. Getting nearer. On the TV was the story about the foxes and deer arriving because we'd saved one or two of them every year.

“I don't have such a 'little house in the countryside'. I don't have a TV. And these contradictions have helped me … understand … what the events of the next few minutes are going to cause. I realised this dream is about us. Our little Group, The Custodians. You have no idea who we are. Neither so the inveterate profit-mongers we call our superiors, our sponsors. But tonight the Custodians are going to cut the heads of industry free from their enslavement to the dollar, the yuan, the t-bill. We're no longer going to allow the yoke of corporate slavery to polish the necks of mankind. It's going to be a routing of Historical Proportions. Real Freedom for all is going to Sprout. And Flourish.”

She pauses there, and places the transparent hundreds-and-thousands-filled capsule onto her tongue in a proscriptive fashion. She takes the glass of distilled water and sips from it. Swallows, with obvious effort. Looks about nostalgically and makes a frown. Then a smile appears on one side of her mouth. She drains the glass in big loud gulps. Wipes her glistening mouth with the back of her wrist. Takes a deep breath. Sets the glass down out of harm's reach. Waits...

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