Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Free Planet #2 novel: LIBERATOR - available now - everywhere!

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Not everything that appeared to happen during the Custodian Liberation happened as a result of Free Planet. There was another parallel drill going. As there always is in the need to know compartmentalised military game. It's just the way it is. Deal with that, and mankind can move on to the next level of politico-military tactician Zbigniew Brzezinsky's Grand Chess Game.
Custodian (the first novel in the Free Planet series) showed how a group of Oxford University rebels could rework The Industry to their advantage, to YOUR ADVANTAGE. But was the resulting 'free planet' really all it pretended to be? Is there another (parallel) free planet simulation being run? A military drill? Real 'terror'?

Liberator (the next novel in the Free Planet series) shows what really went on FOUR YEARS AGO when you thought a 'brave rebel world' of Diversities, Floating Homes and Freed Humanity were taking place. In this novel you'll discover THE REAL REASON why 'free planet' happened.

And you're not going to like what you find!

Oh, and in case you haven't seen it before, here's the book trailer for Free Planet #1 novel: CUSTODIAN


yes, I used the same incidental music for both book trailers, uniformity of purpose. Sir, yes, sir.

Monday, 27 January 2014

No, the Free Planet series isn't based on the Star Wars series...

here comes the Black Tsunami...
  • In A New Hope, the Empire is trounced.
  • In Empire Strikes Back, the Rebellion is trounced.
  • In Return, the Jedi return... hmm.
  • In Custodian, the Indusry is trounced.
  • In Liberator, the Military reveal their hand.
  • In Reaper, we're talking about THE BROKEN CHAIN of the Black Tsunami.
Just thought I'd share that observation with you.

Monday, 6 January 2014

LIBERATOR FPS2 - 69,000 words - first draft complete.

published 2013
Well, I didn't expect that to happen like that...

There I was, writing away, somewhere close to the 66,000 words mark. I had the two final chapters to flesh out, still. But I also had 'four assigned alternating military/civilian chapter slots' to fill before I got there. And one more part-written chapter before that lot.

Then suddenly, I realised, "It's done."

I deleted those four empty chapter slots, lifted my hands from the keyboard, then shared the news with a good friend of mine, "It's done," I grinned. And she said what a good doggy I was. Patted me on the head while my inner tail wagged and my tongue lolled out. I'm such a good doggy woggy. I am, heh heh heh.

published 2014
LIBERATOR's looking like it's gonna be about 69,000 words or so. It was written in four months in longhand into two notebooks, like my War World 2013 summer novel TANDEM. Plus ending LIBERATOR here leaves all the afore-planned intrigue and 'denoument' for the third and final part in the Free Planet trilogy, REAPER, to come. What I mean by this is 'I didn't spoil the original book three premise' by trying to cram it all into book two like I nearly did at one point in the last few days.

I'm not even gonna bother with a teaser chapter from book three, as I did at the end of book one. I know where this story's going. And maybe you do too. I certainly don't feel like I need to convince you to come along with me for the ride of your life. You're in or you're not.

ONE HOUR LATER UPDATE: upon further consideration, moderate editing, furtive typing towards a resolution of 'the unfinished last chapter but two' and whatnot, "Yes, that's it," it's done. I'm now very close to a feeling of TOTALLY PSYCHED. 
But that could also be down to the massive amounts of filter coffee I've quaffed all day on my mega-marathon writing binge devouring five or six different music CDs for this narrative-via-character finale, including classic Slipknot, Asalah, Camelspotting, Gorecki and Koto Music of Japan.

Twelve straight hours of non-stop typing. From eight o'clock this morning until now, eight o'clock at night. And still a few more paragraphs in me before the night's over.

SIX DAYS LATER UPDATE: I went back in and 'reworked' Civilian Chapter One and Military Chapter Four, which are technically 'imposter chapters' wedged into the beginning of the book once more than half the book had been written. I'd decided to properly cover 'the last four years' of Free Planet with these two summary chapters, before getting into the 'meat and two veg' of the second novel's narrative proper. So, my editor, who helped me finalise the Custodian (free planet #1) manuscript, has a copy of the first draft of this Liberator (free planet #2) manuscript, so let's see what her 'fresh pair of eyes' see.
EDITORIAL UPDATE: my editor's going through the Liberator manuscript with her fine-toothed comb and I've received some wonderful initial feedback, "It's a very strange book, by the way. Strange even for you!"

Saturday, 4 January 2014

LIBERATOR FPS2 - 66,000 words - guest appearance by Jane Louxis

published 1989 by Creation Press
if any of you have been following my writing (career) over the last few decades, you'll realise that I have 'quite a thing' for one of my earliest creations, the deadly and dangerous white-skin red-haired Jane Louxis who cored out the central role of my 1989 Creation Press novel Red Hedz - that's a painting I did of her there years before the book came out.

Jane's gone under many names in different books I've penned (writing as Hertzan Chimera) and in several different short stories. I love this redhead character. She's my psycho-sexual muse and (as you can imagine) is quite horrific once she gets gets her pscho-sexual rod on.

As you'll have heard from this morning's rambling rantorial CRASHLANDING a scriptment of mine for the REAL 'ALIEN' PREQUEL i.e. not Ridley Scott's Prometheus (which seems to be a franchise reboot or (cough) parallel story to Alien) was banned from 'said forum' and it spurred my ire to resurrect the old enigma Jane Louxis. Jane likes to sexually murder maim kill, in the name of art. Can this sales-crippling knee-jerk reaction be termed Negative Inspiration?

I'll be adding several elements of that (reposted) 'crashlanding' scriptment into key scenes within the LIBERATOR universe, just for shits 'n' giggles. This isn't some petty inclusion (except that it might be) as I'd already added Jane Louxis into the death-bed testimony of an ealier Liberator witness and she's at the very end of the book. I won't say how, or why, obviously. But this morning's petty event allowed me to pour all my ire and anger and disdain and spite into the Jane Louxis character's re-definition for FPS2, her Literary Resurrection after years in the forehead-popped ether floating about looking for a purpose. We find out why Jane's the way she is. We find out about the plethora of intel-invented stories that have supported and widely spread her legend throughout the G3 or Global Gambling Game arena. We find out why she's so feared among the gambling cognoscenti.

We don't even know if Jane's her real name or whether her kind have actually consorted with Satan. Yes, book two of the Free Planet trilogy is VERY STRANGE. And I can't work out whether this constant reversion to The Lake of Psycho-Sexual Effluent is helping or hindering my artistic liberation. Suffice to say, you're going to fucking love LIBERATOR, or I'm sending round the Bovver Boys.

CURRENT RUNNING TOTAL: 66,000 words, and rising fast (in fact, I've updated the running total THREE TIMES since this post was written last night). Liberator is now on what is known in horse racing circles as its Home Stretch. God bless private non-disclosure-agreement censorship on the 'net, and aggravated ire-generation. This is the future of mankind, BANNED TO DEATH.