Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Free Planet #2 novel: LIBERATOR - available now - everywhere!

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Not everything that appeared to happen during the Custodian Liberation happened as a result of Free Planet. There was another parallel drill going. As there always is in the need to know compartmentalised military game. It's just the way it is. Deal with that, and mankind can move on to the next level of politico-military tactician Zbigniew Brzezinsky's Grand Chess Game.
Custodian (the first novel in the Free Planet series) showed how a group of Oxford University rebels could rework The Industry to their advantage, to YOUR ADVANTAGE. But was the resulting 'free planet' really all it pretended to be? Is there another (parallel) free planet simulation being run? A military drill? Real 'terror'?

Liberator (the next novel in the Free Planet series) shows what really went on FOUR YEARS AGO when you thought a 'brave rebel world' of Diversities, Floating Homes and Freed Humanity were taking place. In this novel you'll discover THE REAL REASON why 'free planet' happened.

And you're not going to like what you find!

Oh, and in case you haven't seen it before, here's the book trailer for Free Planet #1 novel: CUSTODIAN


yes, I used the same incidental music for both book trailers, uniformity of purpose. Sir, yes, sir.

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