Thursday, 26 February 2015

Crying Insane Assassin II - let me die in suspicious circumstances - The Enigmatic Variation

oops, we don't talk about that...'s like my poetry/prose editors used to respond, back in the eighties/nineties when I was submitting such to relevant journals under several pseudonyms like Michael Paul Peter and Vierland Brecke and Jane Louxis, "You're trying to tie up all the loose ends too neatly in your work," and by this they meant that I used to write poetry/prose such that the earlier content of the poems/prose was summarised neat and tidy at the end. Tied together. Neat. Boring. Mostly it was just the last line or two of a piece of work...

Then I became a "novelist", and I realise that, "Tying up loose ends is the job of a novelist, but..." maybe it's time to go back into both Kumiko (war world #3) and Reaper (free planet #3) and take out much of the neatness and tidiness I insertyped into those heavily-architectured twin-resolutional concluding-books of this dual-trilogy known as "Free Planet vs War World". The Enigma Variation of what might just be a boring set of novels about a boring topic might elevate it to something of worth to the future reader looking for a sensible reason why his world of slavery and debt and godma is SO UTTERLY FUCKED.

For example: six weeks ago, I beg'd CIA please don't let me die yet so that I could finish these two concluding novels of the dual-trilogy. As if they were important right now or something. As if two more books would be just the necessary more-wordage that would convince people that Free Planet will always win over War World. As if the universe or the world you live in is that simple. I realise it's not that simple, but you know what? Were I to die, today, in suspicious circumstances... like, for example, Dutch demolitions expert Danny Jowenko (pictured above) who watched the Saloman Brothers Building aka WTC7 come down into its own footprint on the afternoon of 9/11 and proclaimed, "Yes, that was a professional demolition job, no?"

These concluding novels in the dual trilogy (like the reams of smoking-gun 9/11 evidence) are already there, in various stages of development. They could be published as they are: Notes for a Ruined Planet or something of that ilk. There's no reason why not. Some editor could tidy them up so that they read like English. He/she'd do it differently than I'd done it, so... it would have the same effect. It would achieve the same aim. The six novels of the dual-trilogy "Free Planet vs War World" are done. Already. It's that simple. They're done already even though I haven't gone in and Philbin'd them up yet. Maybe some mainstream publisher will consider taking on my dual-trilogies and releasing them in these commemorative covers after my untimely death.

Maybe nothing of this kind will happen.
Maybe the concluding parts are never finished or published.
Maybe the world will continue to be ruled by mega-conglomerates and banking overlords playing a ruthless game of RISK with your very existence and you'll remain ambivalent to your for-profit patent-protect slavery but...

Enough people now know that Mike Philbin blog'd and youtube'd about his free planet manifesto for a number of years and he wrote four books in a planned six in the War World vs Free Planet dual-trilogies and somewhere in the world rough versions of those concluding dual-novels exist and could be published at some time in the future.

While I'm not that naive to believe that my Free Planet vs War World series will save the world or anything. Well, not this generation's world. Not this Earth, this generation's world is obviously doomed to die in the flames of corporate slavery and ruin. But more of that at some other time, if there is some other time. Fact is, though these books won't save you, or your children, I'm determined to have fun with you while I finish off the series with Kumiko and Reaper. I intend this Free Planet vs War World series to really fuck with the readers' minds, and it will. Believe this.

Enough people will finally realise that a Free Planet is the only way forward for mankind, were he wishing to remove himself from the cynical carnival called G3 or Global Gambling Game. And that's all living is, it's just a game. You decide your rules. Not them...

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Free Planet 3 (Reaper) - finally, the finale has a structure - Crystalline chapters working

okay, you'all realise I've had the 'ending' or 'potential narrative/character content for an ending' for years, hence the cover for Reaper (free planet #3) which was designed back in 2014.

But this morning I received THE MOTIVE and the back-room scandal/dealings that gets us there. It's a good ending. It's a just ending. And yes it's as brutal as fuck in so many ways. Cruel as only a re-Wilded home world like Free Planet will allow. In fact, it's coming along so well in notebook form, I can't wait to transcribe this shit into doc format and expand on the confusion and pain of humanity as REAPER climaxes, galactically.

Once this novel is complete, that means that all six novels of the twin-trilogy Free Planet vs War World will be complete. I'll write this finale up through spring/summer (time and patience pending) and parts 3 of this duo-trilogy Kumiko (war world 3) and Reaper (free planet 3) will be out in paperback ebook kindle etc. via all decent online distributors some time during 2015. All being well. I never thought I'd end up writing a six-book interlocked dual narrative, but that's the joy of the creative process, eh?

"The Hoo-hoo are coming! The Hoo-hoo are coming!" cries the second death of Earth angel.

MONTH LATER UPDATE: I now have a filled-slots sketched-out third free planet novel that's somewhere just over 40,000 words with loads of typing up to perform yet. It wasn't easy either, hence this month-long delay in progress. I had tried all sorts of ways to extract information from my notes but there was something missing and I wasn't convinced by the earlier answer I had to how to do this. I had to be really brave with the allegedly above-resolved content and I had to totally restructure (and will have to totally rewrite to purpose) the Crystalline chapters of the novel so that they become a what happened first person how when why journalistic testimony. But I now have my alternative angle to fill with personal content, and it's gonna auto-resolve itself thanks to the structures already present in the copious notes of this novel.

The Organic side of REAPER (free planet #3) is the 'classic script' version where all the relational drama is laid bare, mostly dialogue. This is brim-filled with relevant narrative content, not sketches. Reaper should be a fine ending to the Free Planet vs War World series.

Saturday, 31 January 2015

REAPER (free planet #3) - manuscript is one year old today - and still growing

so, today I wandered off for my usual 5-6 mile jog, ended up doing a quite decent 7.5 miles... just kept running and running, felt great. Anyway, on the way round, I experienced another bout of Jog Dreaming. As explained before, Jog Dreaming is where a weird 'haven't died yet' vibe seems to be rewarded with intense dream-like auto-resolutions or channelings (a term and concept I really don't like as it implies that 'my work is not my own') of novel content from the point where I'm currently at in any given project.

I've just banished myself to bed with my trusty old laptop while the girls watch The Voice and (firing up the February 2015 version from the relevant folder) I've just noticed that the 33,000 words Reaper (free planet #3) document is one year old this month. Happy birthday to it, happy birthday to it, Happy birthday dear document, happy birthday to it. LOL.

"One year old and only 33,000 words?" as true as that might be, remember I did write Kumiko (war world #3) to first-draft i.e. about 66,000 words while I should have been (had promised to be) working on Reaper through 2014. Anyway, a bit more research on the real age of the Reaper document takes me back to an unused novel treatment from March 2013 called Extinction Level Event that I was gonna use as the core or basis of what this third free planet novel was going to be. Most of that got abandoned in the writing of Reaper but a blind-archaeologist character from ELE might just insinuate himself back into the final free planet novel. He'll probably succeed way things are going with the story.

But ELE goes back even further than that, I was working in the games industry in 2009 when I first came up with the eye-porn idea. I know this because I remember sharing the guts of the narrative with one of my colleagues at the time. So that locks the origins of the Reaper novel way back in 2009 before the Free Planet novel-cum-series even started. ELE went into limbo, got time-capsuled, or mothballed. Strange how these things take so long to brew - luckily it'll be a nice dark vintage by the time it's done. Dark and dangerous, for you the reader and your enslaved souls. The Ninety Billion.

Sunday, 11 January 2015

Reaper (free planet #3) - Please don't let me die yet - Crying Insane Assassin.

both due by end 2015
it's a thought I had regularly while writing the 2008 Silverthought Press releases Bukkakeworld and Planet of the Owls. I am forever grateful to Paul Hughes of Silverthought who had faith in these strange disturbing adult novels to publish them in the first place - they're not an easy read. At the time, I suspected these books were the reason I'd been born on this planet and they'd contain some sort of Legacy Material that I'd eventually become famous for. I'd be happy to die if only they were out, for public consumption. And that happened. And nothing happened. Anyway...

Fame is not why I write, one can achieve fame by pulling one's tongue out on Breakfast TV or dropping one's trousers on Late Nite with Letterman. That's not (personally) the Creative Path I'm travelling down. I'm an egotist; yes, as an artist it's important that the journey one takes is a personal one and the audience are dragged along in the turbulence of the output. And this applies to the writing process too.

2010-2013 was the time period in which I thought quite hard about, blog'd furiously about then finally wrote the devil's-advocate Free Planet novel Custodian. It was always intended as a one-novel project called Free Planet, but then (just prior to publication in early 2013) I realised there was an opportunity to extend the narrative out with MIDDD or Military Industrial Dogma Double Dealings that told the 'real story' of why Free Planet (Custodian) happened. But then, you see, Free Planet #2 (Liberator) hinted at the concept of a War World and the fact that everyone living today is still at war, it's just that it's now a for-profit war, a patent-protect war, a non-disclosure-agreement war. But we're still at war.

Late 2013 saw the first release of the tandem War World series. As it stands today, books one and two of the projected six-book series or double-trilogy are out in paperback, ebook, Kindle etc via Chimericana Books from Amazon, B&N and all the usual online book-buying places. Book three of the War World series (I'd like to think trilogy would be enough, I'm sure it is) Kumiko is mostly finished at 66-70,000 words or so and I'm hard at work on book three of the Free Planet series Reaper - 30,000 words and rising daily.

All the time, I'm thinking, "Don't let me die yet, don't let me die yet," and it's not as if these works are VITAL or IMPORTANT in any way, shape or form that can save mankind or otherwise alter his future. It's just a daft northerner having fun with words, phrases, sentences, paragraphs, character, voice and ideas. It's a writer goading a reader to think, at the very worst. But it's the feeling that I've put so much into these six books, these parallel trilogies, and (even with the page after page of copious and contradictory notes in the unfinished manuscripts that I don't always adhere to) I'm the only who can finish this. Sometimes a character's narrative journey is more important than the story he's adopted into. So, let me do it. Let me finish it. Don't let me die yet.

WEEK LATER UPDATE: not only is Free Planet falling to bits, not only is the story racing to its breathless climax, but there's now a CRYING INSANE ASSASSIN on the loose, and he/she's taking no prisoners. Watch out, Custodians, you're on his/her list. And you deserve all that's coming to you.

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Reaper (free planet #3) recommencing - ideas coming thick and fast - Kumiko (war world #3) first draft completion

during a recent extended week's holiday from my regular (bus driving) day job, I put in a good few hours per day i.e. a good few thousands of words per day, into Kumiko (war world #3). Kumiko was at the 52,000 words mark when I started my 'holiday' -- this was a mixture of 39,000 words of eight finished chapters + 13,000 words of extra notes etc. At the end of the holiday Kumiko was a much more finalised 13 finished chapters and a healthier 63,000 words. It'll be a little more than this when I've finished polishing it, but that's cool for now. Yes, I type fast when needs must and I can restructure a whole novel on the fly (as I had to here) under strict time/motion constraints.

What this means is that (while there are a couple of narrative threads to tidy up in the Kumiko first draft and a general spit and polish on the technical aspects of War World's ranks and badges) I'm happy that I've done all I can with that side of the Earth story and can now focus upon Reaper (free planet #3) as Xmas 2014 dawns and the publication year of 2015 for the tandem third parts in the Free Planet vs War World trilogies looms. I have a few more lieu days of holiday next week, so I've ample time to pen a good wedge of Reaper stuff.

The important thing is THE DREAMS HAVE STARTED. And by this I mean, "I can always tell when a novel needs to start because I start getting insistent and specific dreams about it. I've had TWO very important i.e very Reaper-relevant early-morning dreams already this week, so my Writer Mind (lol) is nagging that I 'crack on with it'." Yes, I realise the dream content is arbitrary and subjective, but I seem to know where all this material fits in - like magic. Reaper has over-grown enough now, and the story begs to be clipped and shaped. Like a hedge. Fun'd...

Running total: 20,000 words, and rising.

Monday, 4 August 2014

Reaper FP #3 - ORGANIC vs CRYSTALLINE - third split narrative

FEB 28th 2014
this happened, the genie escaped the bottle, I can't put it back in. I was there, like a good little writer, hammering away on the keyboard, re-writing chapter one (again), then re-arranging and restructuring chapter two (nipping an tucking, adding and taking away), now having a go at chapter three of 'free plane #3' novel Reaper and it just WHAM BAM THANK YOU MAM'd me.

CUSTODIAN (fp #1) was The Custodians vs You The People.
LIBERATOR (fp #2) was Civilian vs Military.
REAPER (fp #3) turns out to be Organic vs Crystalline.

Yeah, I know, I was surprised by that development, too. I certainly didn't expect to go in this direction with book three. In fact, nowhere in the detailed plan I have for the conclusion of this three-book series is there any mention of crystalline existence. But there it is.
It came from an examination of the old Patent Database - the Custodian Liberation aka McCardle and Hoskins finally get their finger out and start sifting through the Privatised Creativity, Passion and Kinship Store of ancient inventors for the good of mankind rather than the cynical furtherance of the Profit margin. And there it was ... the elixir of life, or at least the bridge to everlasting life.
Of course, I realise I've put a narrative cat among my pigeons. Do I care? Yes, it's giving me a headache, but I do this for you, sweet nectarous reader, so that you can find some succour in your daily grind. 

MARCH 16th UPDATE: I was actually considering giving up (for profit) writing for good last night. I came this close to never finishing WATCHER or REAPER. I thought, "Why should I when I alraedy have the novels in my head?" what do I need to gain from commercialising my talent? But I made a major discovery today. And that's powered me on to get these two books finished this year.
In February, I 'got inspired' to start writing about CRYSTALLINE EXISTENCE in REAPER (free planet #3). It's based on my ideas of a Sentient Water Planet i.e. Earth's real presence, its ancestry. I thought of the least likely crystal that could be out there i.e. a WATER BASED CRYSTAL that grows from salt water (with a special catalyst, nudge wink) the way salt is harvested from water.

Today's major discovery is a real mineral called RINGWOODITE that has 15% by weight of water trapped in it. I'm loath to call 'my crystal' Ringwoodite but there's no reason why I can't have a more purified form of the crystal as the basis for the Eternal Life & Homes (albeit undersea) in this third book. The crystalised memories of the ancestors forming the structures within which Free Planet will live its life?

AUGUST 4th UPDATE: REAPER (free planet #3) novel is on the blink while I'm busily writing KUMIKO (war world #3) novel. The Free Planet narrative and the War World narrative are kinda connected, or have become connected over the final stages of their respective trilogies. Is it a Free Planet or is it a War World? I like that it's happened this way, as it's less convoluted than if I'd planned a dual-trilogy series from the get-go.

Yesterday morning, during a lovely 9 mile jog in the woods and along the river, I received (from the ether) a  generous wedge of narrative resolution to add to the Crystalline/Organic thrust of the Reaper arc, just free stuff wedged into the waking dream that is my writing process. 

Monday, 19 May 2014

Gene Brewer - author of K-PAX - 5***** review for Liberator

here's a FIVE STAR review of my latest Free Planet novel LIBERATOR, from one of my favourite authors Gene Brewer (K-PAX series):

Mike Philbin's Liberator does more than continue where Custodian (Book I of the Free Planet series) left off. By this time the premise is picking up more steam, the characters have become more real, the storyline more accessible, the indictment of our social and political norms more scathing. Mr. Philbin's wordplay is truly striking and original. The images stick with you. There are moments of tongue-in-cheek humor and his wit is increasingly biting. This is an author who gets better with every book. He is someone to watch. [LIBERATOR on Amazon]