Thursday, 26 February 2015

Crying Insane Assassin II - let me die in suspicious circumstances - The Enigmatic Variation

oops, we don't talk about that...'s like my poetry/prose editors used to respond, back in the eighties/nineties when I was submitting such to relevant journals under several pseudonyms like Michael Paul Peter and Vierland Brecke and Jane Louxis, "You're trying to tie up all the loose ends too neatly in your work," and by this they meant that I used to write poetry/prose such that the earlier content of the poems/prose was summarised neat and tidy at the end. Tied together. Neat. Boring. Mostly it was just the last line or two of a piece of work...

Then I became a "novelist", and I realise that, "Tying up loose ends is the job of a novelist, but..." maybe it's time to go back into both Kumiko (war world #3) and Reaper (free planet #3) and take out much of the neatness and tidiness I insertyped into those heavily-architectured twin-resolutional concluding-books of this dual-trilogy known as "Free Planet vs War World". The Enigma Variation of what might just be a boring set of novels about a boring topic might elevate it to something of worth to the future reader looking for a sensible reason why his world of slavery and debt and godma is SO UTTERLY FUCKED.

For example: six weeks ago, I beg'd CIA please don't let me die yet so that I could finish these two concluding novels of the dual-trilogy. As if they were important right now or something. As if two more books would be just the necessary more-wordage that would convince people that Free Planet will always win over War World. As if the universe or the world you live in is that simple. I realise it's not that simple, but you know what? Were I to die, today, in suspicious circumstances... like, for example, Dutch demolitions expert Danny Jowenko (pictured above) who watched the Saloman Brothers Building aka WTC7 come down into its own footprint on the afternoon of 9/11 and proclaimed, "Yes, that was a professional demolition job, no?"

These concluding novels in the dual trilogy (like the reams of smoking-gun 9/11 evidence) are already there, in various stages of development. They could be published as they are: Notes for a Ruined Planet or something of that ilk. There's no reason why not. Some editor could tidy them up so that they read like English. He/she'd do it differently than I'd done it, so... it would have the same effect. It would achieve the same aim. The six novels of the dual-trilogy "Free Planet vs War World" are done. Already. It's that simple. They're done already even though I haven't gone in and Philbin'd them up yet. Maybe some mainstream publisher will consider taking on my dual-trilogies and releasing them in these commemorative covers after my untimely death.

Maybe nothing of this kind will happen.
Maybe the concluding parts are never finished or published.
Maybe the world will continue to be ruled by mega-conglomerates and banking overlords playing a ruthless game of RISK with your very existence and you'll remain ambivalent to your for-profit patent-protect slavery but...

Enough people now know that Mike Philbin blog'd and youtube'd about his free planet manifesto for a number of years and he wrote four books in a planned six in the War World vs Free Planet dual-trilogies and somewhere in the world rough versions of those concluding dual-novels exist and could be published at some time in the future.

While I'm not that naive to believe that my Free Planet vs War World series will save the world or anything. Well, not this generation's world. Not this Earth, this generation's world is obviously doomed to die in the flames of corporate slavery and ruin. But more of that at some other time, if there is some other time. Fact is, though these books won't save you, or your children, I'm determined to have fun with you while I finish off the series with Kumiko and Reaper. I intend this Free Planet vs War World series to really fuck with the readers' minds, and it will. Believe this.

Enough people will finally realise that a Free Planet is the only way forward for mankind, were he wishing to remove himself from the cynical carnival called G3 or Global Gambling Game. And that's all living is, it's just a game. You decide your rules. Not them...

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