Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Free Planet 3 (Reaper) - finally, the finale has a structure - Crystalline chapters working

okay, you'all realise I've had the 'ending' or 'potential narrative/character content for an ending' for years, hence the cover for Reaper (free planet #3) which was designed back in 2014.

But this morning I received THE MOTIVE and the back-room scandal/dealings that gets us there. It's a good ending. It's a just ending. And yes it's as brutal as fuck in so many ways. Cruel as only a re-Wilded home world like Free Planet will allow. In fact, it's coming along so well in notebook form, I can't wait to transcribe this shit into doc format and expand on the confusion and pain of humanity as REAPER climaxes, galactically.

Once this novel is complete, that means that all six novels of the twin-trilogy Free Planet vs War World will be complete. I'll write this finale up through spring/summer (time and patience pending) and parts 3 of this duo-trilogy Kumiko (war world 3) and Reaper (free planet 3) will be out in paperback ebook kindle etc. via all decent online distributors some time during 2015. All being well. I never thought I'd end up writing a six-book interlocked dual narrative, but that's the joy of the creative process, eh?

"The Hoo-hoo are coming! The Hoo-hoo are coming!" cries the second death of Earth angel.

MONTH LATER UPDATE: I now have a filled-slots sketched-out third free planet novel that's somewhere just over 40,000 words with loads of typing up to perform yet. It wasn't easy either, hence this month-long delay in progress. I had tried all sorts of ways to extract information from my notes but there was something missing and I wasn't convinced by the earlier answer I had to how to do this. I had to be really brave with the allegedly above-resolved content and I had to totally restructure (and will have to totally rewrite to purpose) the Crystalline chapters of the novel so that they become a what happened first person how when why journalistic testimony. But I now have my alternative angle to fill with personal content, and it's gonna auto-resolve itself thanks to the structures already present in the copious notes of this novel.

The Organic side of REAPER (free planet #3) is the 'classic script' version where all the relational drama is laid bare, mostly dialogue. This is brim-filled with relevant narrative content, not sketches. Reaper should be a fine ending to the Free Planet vs War World series.

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