Tuesday, 25 March 2014

FREE PLANET vs WAR WORLD - new trilogy covers - 2016 editions...

don't ask me if this is for real or anything, there's every possibility I'm deluding myself about my ability to finish book three in the free planet series and I'm not totally convinced this idea is any good yet, but...

I've just been playing around with the idea of bringing out (or selling on to another publisher) the idea of the FREE PLANET trilogy, as one book. The three separate parts of the proposed book would sport the names of the separate novels Custodian (2013), Liberator (2014) and Reaper (2015).

FREE PLANET was always envisioned as 'one book' but then it got a little more involved, became a second, then third book (potentially) so I thought, "Maybe this is the time to show you what I've been working on as a cover idea for such a trilogy," were it a) possible or b) attractive to publishers.

It'd be about 80,000 + 60,000 + 60,000 = 200,000 words as a book, which is quite a wedge of words. Just a thought... back soon.

APRIL 13th UPDATE: for those of you going, "Where did the updates on Reaper (free planet #3) go?" fear not, I am still, technically, working on it. It is still destined to be released in 2015. Watcher (the project I'm writing at the same time) is dominating my thoughts right now, is all. As you'll see from the new War World TRILOGY cover, it's Free Planet's real competition, and I'm not sure which'll win, yet.

Reaper has not been put on the back burner, in fact I'm going to make myself write some more of it right now to push the book past the 20,000 word mark also. Yeah, maybe that'll do it. I'll try to make myself write more Reaper before I allow myself to write more Watcher. In reality, I'll probably finish Watcher first.
"Who watches the watchers?" indeed.

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