Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Free Planet² LIBERATOR

liberator final cover
free planet² LIBERATOR will be a proper horroshow, self-sufficiency, creativity, passion and kinship self-destruct rollercoaster nightmare brainf*ck survivor vs conspiracy slaughterfest.

All driven by a PARALLEL PROJECT involving the MI(C)C or Military Industrial (Congressional) Complex  that was 'beaten to the finish line' by events in book one, Custodian. We see how the events at the back end of Custodian dove-tail with the events in Liberator.

It's really nowhere near where you thought this series might have gone. Think dark global covert underbelly. Though the news that Roland Emmerich is working on a sequel to Independence Day that involves parallel history and back-engineering of alien tech threatens to scupper my so-called originality if I don't get this book out rapido!

The really annoying thing about book two's Custodian-paralleling narrative is I'm getting more and more 'messages from the ether' about the content of book 3: REAPER which is potentially gonna blow the whole Free Planet message out of the ether into another dimension entirely. The idea for this series being that, at some point in the future, all three books will be reunited in a nice fat single volume of the full Free Planet story.

LIBERATOR due in 2014.

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