Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Custodian: THREE MONTH APPRAISAL excerpt arrives on Goodreads.

the THREE MONTH APPRAISAL excerpt from the Custodian novel has arrived on the book-fan site Goodreads, here it is.

Two very bizarre things happen this morning: 

1) You have to clear a human turd off your desk. Not a toy one. Not some practical joke piece of moulded plastic. This is a real human turd. Someone would have had to squat down, right there on your desk before you got in, to lay this length of steaming brown pipe. You can even see where the anus muscle has crimped off the tail of it, begging like a clever puppy, its front-paw in the air. 

2) The email flag pops up cheerily and it's a collection for your funeral. Enough money has already been pledged to buy quite a nice casket. Seriously, that is not right.

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Custodian (82,000 words) is nearing final-edit doc-prep completion and should be available within the next couple of weeks in ebook, Kindle and paperback from Amazon and other good online distributors.

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