Saturday, 8 June 2013

Welcome to the Goodreads crowd...

if you've arrived here via the Event Invitation on Goodreads, welcome.

Make yourself at home. The wait is almost over. Custodian is available soon in ebook, Kindle and paperback. As you'll know, I've already set up the CUSTODIAN page on Goodreads, so that you can start   Recommending it and mark it as To Read etc.

While you're here, on the Free Planet novel series blog, add yourselves to the Followers list for all the latest updates and features of this blog dedicated to the release of the Free Planet (Custodian¹ 2013, Liberator² 2014 and Reaper³ 2015) novel series.

If you can find any virtual wine, grab it before it's all supped. Otherwise, plug your Evertainment sockets in and assume the uploading position, corporate slaves.

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