Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Custodian - first five star customer review - Amazon reader Giggsy

Just back off my European hols (where I spent four weeks 'totally off the grid' doing nothing but relaxing and writing a new novel called Tandem) and this lovely FIVE STAR customer review of my Free Planet #1 novel Custodian is there on Amazon, from reader Giggsy:

Mike Philbin is back with another anti-corporate tale, another novel where he immerses you, the reader, into the book as a character. And he's getting good at it. 
This is likely his strongest work to date. 
His dystopian near-future seems so extreme at times, so odd, and so far away. And yet when you realize he's blending non-fiction (aka "The Truth") in with the fiction, you begin to realize just how near we are to losing our planet. He offers an unique presentation of his ideas that doesn't have boring economics theory, generic propaganda, or political lies.

Nice, thanks!

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