Thursday, 29 August 2013

Custodian - Amazon reader review - Gene Brewer, author of K-PAX

Custodian received a reader review from non other than the writer of K-PAX, Gene Brewer. He had warned me up front that it wasn't going to be a totally positive review, and he did go into his thoughts on that. But most importantly, he was very complimentary of the writing and 'couldn't stop turning the pages':

Mike Philbin's new novel isn't really a novel. There isn't much plot or development--most chapters are a lot like the ones that came before. Whatever it is, however, I kept turning the pages. Some of the images are astonishing, all are powerful, and there are moments of good humor. Mr. Philbin is a good writer, and his choice of words and syntax are sometimes striking. More importantly, the book is a scathing indictment of the socio-economic-religious culture we have become. It sticks with you long after you've finished it. Well worth the read.


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