Sunday, 20 October 2013

Liberator - free planet #2 - back on track

after a brief (two months) distraction with the TANDEM (war world) novel project, I've picked up the reins of the LIBERATOR (free planet #2) novel and started to 'really see' where such a Natural Lottery-derived world might take humanity. Again, like Custodian, it's a split narrative novel. Where that was shared between You The People and The Custodians, this time out it'll be the conflicting viewpoints of We The People and The Monsters from Hell.

Four years since the events of Custodian (free planet #1) novel, the world is a radically different place and the quest for 'freedom' is blazing along apace. I'm currently 6,500 words into the doc version and I'm not sure whether I should invest in another mega-notebook, a-la-Tandem writing month, while I'm based in Oxford's Clarendon Centre helping out a friend with a spot of retail work for the saison de Noel and get the guts of this thing spooling nicely in my down time.

It'll not be a pretty hippy kumbaya novel -- oh, no sir no -- of that you can be assured.

The EMPIRE STRIKES BACK analogy might be worth wheeling out at this point. What mankind thought was his victory or his 'right to freedom' or his 'free planet' might not have been exactly how this particular war was lost or won. There might be a more sinister Corporate War narrative afoot that neither You The People nor The Custodians were party to. Something the other two parties might have to learn of the hard way, as turmoil starts to set in and Free Planet begins to rot from the feet up.

The CORPORATE WAR OFFICE might yet get its revenge...

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