Friday, 29 November 2013

Liberator FP2 - brought to you by - Ruichi Sakamoto's THREE

quick post: the first 31,000 words of the Liberator Free Planet novel #2 has been brought to you in assocation with the Ruichi Sakamoto CD "Three". I've been replaying this inspirational CD every single time I've been typing in from the notebook(s). Crackin' stuff.

Ruichi Sakamoto is the ex-keyboardist of 80's goth band Japan, and Three is his solo album dealing with his instrumental and audio film score work such as Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence (the Bowie film), Seven Samurai and The Last Emperor. Here's a track list:

1. Happy End
2. The Last Emperor
3. Bibo No Aozora
4. High Heels
5. Seven Samurai
6. A Flower is not a Flower
7. Still life in A
8. Nostalgia
9. Tango
10. Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence
11. Ichimei (Harakiri - Death of a Samurai)
12. Tamago 2004
13. Parolibre

Basically, PROPER RECOMMENDED writing accompaniment. I hope my words in this novel do his pianoing justice.

TWO DAYS LATER UPDATE: I haven't read a novel for weeks while I've been obsessed with Liberator FP2 but it arrived, David Baldacci's The Hit (book two of the Will Robie government assassin series), so I'll not be writing for a while. I'm in reading mode, hundred pages into the book, and lovingn it. I realised I don't like David Baldacci's presidential/detective books, but I 'love' his Robie series. It's probably because Robie works 'outside the law' or 'outside common understanding' of the way the world really works. It's a sick (amoral (corporate (war))) place, and one that's perfect for novelisation.

WEEK LATER UPDATE: The Hit was great, can't wait for book three. Currently, I'm reading "The Necessary Death of Lewis Winter" by Malcolm Mackay while still writing the Liberator FP2 novel. I'll obviously do another update on FP2 soon, so stay tuned.

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