Sunday, 8 December 2013

Liberator FP2 novel - 35,500 words - 2014 cover image

just hammered through the 35,500 words first-draft mark of Liberator (free planet novel #2) and I'm now MORE CONVINCED THAN EVER where this trilogy's going and how and when and why it'll suicidally crashland into Planet #3, Reaper in 2015.
Oh, yes, and that is a first look at the new cover design for LIBERATOR: free planet #2 (this cover's far more relevant to the extreme horror content of the book than the stand-in design that was 'borrowing' a non-copyright image from off the net).

I'm not necessarily a big fan of draggin shit out for the sake of a series, so I've upgraded one or two ideas from Book 3 to happen in Book 2 ... I did this not because I've run out of ideas (yet) for Liberator FP2 but because I have ADDITIONAL ideas for Reaper FP3, and it'll make loads more sense when you read what I did and why, some years later when I reveal the randomness of my writing process, the Channeling of Narrative via Character.

Trust me, I'm a Machievellian.

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