Tuesday, 24 December 2013

LIBERATOR FPS2 - Xmas Day Chapters - 58,000 words running total

while the book is still at 50,000 words, there are two chapters that have been 'introduced' into the narrative and given their 'chaptorial' place withing the 40-chapter index but are stubbornly resisting being written.

It's a 'me' thing, I've just been ... reluctant to lay the brickwork, point the gaps.

Both chapters deal with The Mighty Quins: the eponymous chapter is a 'four years ago' chapter showing how the quins became involved in the LIBERATOR narrative, the other chapter Safari (which comes directly before it) shows how these children are hunted down for their usefulness by the Black Pentagon leading towards the latter part of the book.

New titles, headings and positions for you, eh? Excited?

DECEMBER 25th AFTERNOON UPDATE: hmm, well, that didn't go 'exactly' as I 'might have planned' but the two missing chapters (mentioned above) have been written over the course of a single play through of Riuchi Sakamoto's THREE. I'm wondering if I can even write LIBERATOR without having his music playing in the background. It's like some sort of intellectuo-narrative free-forming talisman that my flying fingers can't do without. This book.

Running total: currently 54,000 words. And I don't feel I'm any closer to 'really' understanding how LIBERATOR got here or where it might go during its pre-amble towards the final chapter(s) which have already been written out. So many loose ends right now, and I'm not convinced it's worth being too tidy about how many of them are tied off. A little blood is a good thing in an action adventure, right? Except this shit is 'narrative blood' and that might erk the reader ... like I care.

DECEMBER 29th UPDATE: and having crashed headlong into a bit of a dead end, I popped out the other side within Cloud City. A crackin' scene, lots of revelations. Lots of tied off ends. Lots of new narrative to explore. 58,000 words is the current running total. 10,000 or so to go, I guess. Where to start REAPER FPS3. Who knows?

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