Sunday, 14 December 2014

Reaper (free planet #3) recommencing - ideas coming thick and fast - Kumiko (war world #3) first draft completion

during a recent extended week's holiday from my regular (bus driving) day job, I put in a good few hours per day i.e. a good few thousands of words per day, into Kumiko (war world #3). Kumiko was at the 52,000 words mark when I started my 'holiday' -- this was a mixture of 39,000 words of eight finished chapters + 13,000 words of extra notes etc. At the end of the holiday Kumiko was a much more finalised 13 finished chapters and a healthier 63,000 words. It'll be a little more than this when I've finished polishing it, but that's cool for now. Yes, I type fast when needs must and I can restructure a whole novel on the fly (as I had to here) under strict time/motion constraints.

What this means is that (while there are a couple of narrative threads to tidy up in the Kumiko first draft and a general spit and polish on the technical aspects of War World's ranks and badges) I'm happy that I've done all I can with that side of the Earth story and can now focus upon Reaper (free planet #3) as Xmas 2014 dawns and the publication year of 2015 for the tandem third parts in the Free Planet vs War World trilogies looms. I have a few more lieu days of holiday next week, so I've ample time to pen a good wedge of Reaper stuff.

The important thing is THE DREAMS HAVE STARTED. And by this I mean, "I can always tell when a novel needs to start because I start getting insistent and specific dreams about it. I've had TWO very important i.e very Reaper-relevant early-morning dreams already this week, so my Writer Mind (lol) is nagging that I 'crack on with it'." Yes, I realise the dream content is arbitrary and subjective, but I seem to know where all this material fits in - like magic. Reaper has over-grown enough now, and the story begs to be clipped and shaped. Like a hedge. Fun'd...

Running total: 20,000 words, and rising.

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