Sunday, 18 March 2012

70,000 words - time for a re-alignment of the split narrative's aim

I've given my FREE PLANET novel an alternative chapter structure where THE COSTODIANS and YOU THE PEOPLE are (technically) at odds, or (supposedly) at war, with each other ...

70,000 words in, and the threads are starting to reveal their inner-most secrets, cut off their rotting limbs and sprout new wings that no one knew were there. I have this situation where a CUSTODIAN/YOU THE PEOPLE dual-migration is happening in the split narrative, loyalties are being tested, characters are starting to defect, and I have a situation where your friend is becoming your enemy and your enemy has to become your friend.

Though this appears to be an insurmountable juncture in a book that's been evolving over the last four or so years from my original Free Planet thoughts, it does have a modicum of common sense to it.

Free Planet was always a naive (child-like) concept and a book based on such was always bound to throw up a million different ethical/structural quandries. This is where the fun of writing really starts to kick in.

I feel I'm on the home stretch now - wonderful future's on it's way.

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