Wednesday, 7 March 2012

50,000 words - war were declared!

it just happened...

...though not as you might expect. I mean, it's not your typical World War Three, in that it's not a profit-based asset strip and land grab for Future Sales Results™. But THE WHOLE WORLD is involved in the routing, and mankind will suffer enormously.

The "Free Planet" novel, at this 50,000 words turnaround juncture, is not as kumbaya! all those (misguidedly) calling the 'free planet' mentality a hippy-huggy utopia will find out when the book's released.

Free Planet (the blog and the free ebook) was, after all, my personal campaign for the last three years, and you think I'd have at least some semblance of loyalty to my own ideas, right?

You forget, I'M A HORROR WRITER at heart and I'm going to take You The People on a horror ride the likes of which you'll have never read about before.

You will be shocked to your mortal foundation, to your core.

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