Monday, 26 March 2012

Custodian novel - synopsis

Costodian novel SYNOPSIS:

"Custodian" (book one of the Free Planet series) will be my second Oxford-based novel.

Planet Of The Owls, published by Silverthought Press N.Y. in 2008 was where I really got bitten by the possibilities of my home town (Oxford) as a political backdrop to fictional momentum. Free Planet employs a hybrid narrative across alternating chapters, a technique I first explored in 'Planet of the Owls' (an owl/human hybrid).

1) The Custodians; a conspiracy of Oxford University's finest.
It's told in the classical third person. Radical elements within the student body engage themselves in the Patent Wars and start a TV show called Natural Lottery that broadcasts to the global Evertainment System, every Wednesday, 7-9 p.m., all channels, full spectrum dominance. Crazy transformations push the story towards liberation for mankind in the realms of food, shelter, water and Diversity, a re-wilded world of geographically-unbound localism.

2) You The People; that's all seven billion sovereign individuals.

It's told in the second person, written directly to You The Reader. I employed this direct-address mode in my second Silverthought Press novel Bukkakeworld. The idea is to carry you, the reader, through a physical relocation of your corporate arm of The Industry from Dusseldorf to Oxford. You are 'made redundant' in the most spectacular public fashion and your world starts to (literally) crumble, or pixellate, around you. But there's light at the end of the tunnel of death.

Or is there?

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