Saturday, 10 March 2012

55,000 words - the antedote to Evertainment - total collected consciousness

I was rattling away on 'yet more words' in the novel and suddenly found that I'd brought the massacring of naively-simplistic Free Planet idea and the Custodian Movement itself BACK FROM THE BRINK - I've now gone through 55,000 words and plenty more to go.

I'd been having a 'noticable dearth' of the sort of vivid, wild and wacky dreams transmutative levitating time-warping and other-worldly i.e. alien planet dreams that my sleeping years had been literally clogged to the hilt with, for the last three or four decades; well, the dreams were still there, they were just masking themselves from being remembered upon waking.

A writer writes, and that's all you need to do. I just let the words come out and 'solved the conundrum' of why Free Planet is a good idea. I'd been portraying the whole Free Planet CHAAANGE-over process as THE MOST HORRIFIC THING THAT'S EVER HAPPENED TO MAN KIND. And, yeah, it is my own editorial bias that split that word into 'man' and 'kind' and it still is, but that real horror will be worth it in the long run. We will be a better race because of it, once we start to understand its naively-simplistic message.

It's the process of re-'education' and if we listen to the UNCONCSCIOUS need, we can all realise that profit is the most destructive force that man-kind has ever been assaulted by, it is the REAL VAMPIRE sucking the psychic and physical life-blood from our souls, our living (connected) bodies if you like. We are under the viral attack of this manufactured War of Terror, and its 'illegal and corrupting' hierarchy or 'need to know'.

But WE are all that's important to our own salvation - we need to trust OURSELVES, and abandon the ridiculous Game that the Chess Players are making Global Society play. I'm being intentionally evasive and vague here, as I (obviously) don't wanna give anything of the book's narrative away but THE SUN, the parent of our atom-children, plays a very important part of where we're going, as a race of Free Humans.

The limitless dreams have returned, the creative process has been re-ignited.

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